Torrance high school mascot

InGov. John B. Weller signed a measure that would have made this a reality and sent it to Washington for approval. Although California allied itself with the Union during the Civil War, many in Southern California sympathized with the South, and some even left the state to fight for the Confederacy. A century later, in the same year the Civil Rights Act was signed into law, Quartz Hill High School was established amid arduous legal battles with the local government, which wanted to place the school in a different part of town.

This legal tenacity was the source of their nickname, the Rebels, which they lent to the school. The Confederate theme — with a stars-and-bars-waving mascot named Jubilation T. Cornpone, later replaced by the more generic Johnny Reb — emerged from this fairly anodyne history. And so Johnny Reb marched on, waving his Confederate flag at football games and pep rallies and on the glossy covers of yearbooks. Any reluctance to remove statues and flags has to do with pride.

The question is, who gets to be proud, and what do we want to be proud of? For a few decades, anyway. Slowly the Confederate theme began to wilt. My Confederate family fought very hard for what they believed in. I am proud of them for that. For Johnny Reb, however, all was not lost: Stripped of his name, flag and weapons, and given a Revolutionary-era tricorn hat to obscure his politics, the Rebel soldier remained the mascot. Despite these updates, my classmates and I never mistook which side of which war our uniformed man was fighting for.

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He was a Rebel, after all, not a Patriot — the more appropriate name for a soldier in the American Revolution. Only in researching the school years later did I even realize that the mascot was no longer officially associated with the Confederacy. Young people can hear all too clearly the dog-whistles their politically motivated adult counterparts deny. We were white — abnormally white, even for the standards of Antelope Valley.

At Quartz Hill, equipped with our superior collegiate training and emboldened by our rebellious mascot, a common joke was that the A. High School stood for African Village. That kids in high school make racist jokes is not news, but in retrospect it seems to me that our surrounding iconography not only permitted but also encouraged our behavior.

In our cultural imagination, rebels are almost exclusively young white men. Young black men fighting against oppressive systems — say, police brutality — are rarely afforded the same label. Where the line between the two is so thick and darkly drawn?

Confederate history is not tethered to the South. The stars and bars held high by a white terrorist in a photograph taken before he massacred nine black churchgoers in Charleston, S. In the age of newly emboldened white supremacists, it should be painfully obvious that no longer is the Confederate statue a symbol of Southern pride; it is a symbol of white pride.

Banning state agencies from displaying the Confederate flag, as Gov. Jerry Brown has done in California — stowing it rightfully in museums and in history books — will not end racism. But it can suggest to young people that our government, despite its worst elements, despite its leader, is in the business of dismantling the scaffoldings of hate, that we reject the heinous and boundless ideology of white supremacy.

Any call to compromise — to change hats, as it were — is absurd, ineffective, and dishonest. Removing these shameful icons will help, a little, to put our slave days behind us.

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Follow the Opinion section on Twitter latimesopinion or Facebook. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Op-Ed: Some political villains develop ethical compasses. Will Senate Republicans?The purpose of the North High Athletic Booster Club shall be to promote and assist North High athletic programs in raising funds, sponsoring activities, promoting volunteer work and moral support, with the knowledge and approval of the school administration.

Create Presence within North High School through sponsored activities such as promotional games, alumni games and fund-raising events.

torrance high school mascot

Connect the Alumni, the Community and Local Businesses to the current players and sports programs through these sponsored activities with the encouragement to increase the financial support of these programs. Your actions to support this movement matters and will make a difference! I am not just a member of the Saxon Nation. Sign In My Account.

Mission The purpose of the North High Athletic Booster Club shall be to promote and assist North High athletic programs in raising funds, sponsoring activities, promoting volunteer work and moral support, with the knowledge and approval of the school administration.West High School. The average class size is Classes meet for 54 minutes daily with a minute reading period included in the schedule each day.

Students are expected to take a minimum of six classes. Two semesters comprise the academic year. A large number of students attend a summer school program. West High has been designated a California Distinguished School in,and again in Torrance Community.

History of Torrance High School

Torrance is a suburban community ofin the South Bay area situated below the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula on the beach front of southwestern Los Angeles County. Torrance boasts a particularly healthy economy, a near perfect weather pattern, two miles of white sand beach, an extensive financial center and a safe secure community. The school community consists of single-family residences, small business and apartments. Community support for West High has been a long-standing tradition and has assisted West in maintaining an equally long-standing tradition of educational excellence.

West High Alma Mater. Cries of gulls and terns on high. Purple cast of distant mountains. On the far horizon lie. Hearts united in one purpose. Hands clasped strongly in one tie. We salute our Alma Mater. Staunch defenders of West High. Warriors create a collaborative community where all students engage in a caring and rigorous learning environment to acquire essential skills and maximize their potential to become effective contributors to society.

West High, home of the Warriors, and as Warriors we belong to a family, a community, a tribe. Skip to Main Content.

torrance high school mascot

Our School. Purple cast of distant mountains, On the far horizon lie.Situated on nine acres today, the initial building consisted of 10 rooms, 7 of which were used for classrooms. When the school opened on September 11,the student body consisted of only 19 students in the high school classes, including two seniors.

Thomas Elson, who had been administering the schoolhouse on Cabrillo Avenue, served as principal. The student population grew significantly in just a few short years, justifying more classroom space. The main building, as it is known to most, was designed to accommodate additions, including the rear addition designed by E.

This addition included a patio with a small tiled fountain. Bytwo additional buildings were added on either side of the main building. The home economics wing and auditorium were connected to the original wing with symmetrical colonnades. As the population of high school students continued to increase, it was decided that another building would be needed to house the elementary-aged children. Cline designed a two- story L-shaped building with a cafeteria forming the bottom of the L.

Opened as Torrance Elementary, this building remained an elementary school untilwhen it was annexed by Torrance High School. While those first six years formed the foundation of Torrance High, it was not untilwhen the elementary students got their own building, that Torrance High was able to carve out its own identity.

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It is thought that the class of changed the school colors from red and gray to maroon and gray and chose the Tartar as the mascot. Bystudents were publishing a small newspaper called the Tentacle. Inthe student body published its first yearbook, The Torch. That same year, the school newspaper was changed to the Torrance News Torch to better connect with The Torch. Other buildings were added to the campus, including a gymnasium and a print shop, whose responsibility it was to print the yearbook and newspaper, thereby contributing to the unique character of Torrance High.

Both nature and a growing population resulted in additional changes to the campus. The auditorium was so severely damaged that, along with the colonnade connecting it to the main building, it had to be torn down. Some classes were temporarily housed in tents. Called the Assembly Hall, the new auditorium served as the only space large enough in the city to host civic events. Active members of the community like Evelyn Carr, argued that the city of Torrance should have its own district.

Much of this population growth may be attributed to the aerospace industry, which was a predominant part of the southern California economy through the s to the s. According to population statistics at the Torrance Historical Society Museum, the population of Torrance in was 9,The name, chosen almost 80 years ago, mostly for its alliteration quotient, refers to the Turkic and Mongolian peoples who invaded Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages.

It is the Spartan. A bill sponsored by Goldberg--prompted by a long-standing debate about team names and mascots associated with Native Americans--would allow the State Board of Education or the California Postsecondary Education Commission to ban any public school team name, mascot or nickname they deem derogatory or discriminatory against a race, ethnicity, nationality or tribal group.

And though it may be unlikely that the board would toss out the Tartars, news of the bill last week took many a Norman and Saxon by surprise. But at some point, where do we draw our lines?

School Colors and Our Mascot

Indeed, Sparta, the Greek city-state renowned for its militaristic might, reached the height of its power in the 6th century BC and disappeared a few hundred years later. Today, examples abound of cultures that vanished long ago, only to be resurrected in the 20th century as logos on school stationery and football helmets.

But if Goldberg, a Los Angeles Democrat, had her choice in the matter, there would be no human mascots whatsoever. Under the provisions of the bill, anyone finding the mascot of a California public school offensive may complain to one of two state boards.

Those boards may add the name to a list of banned mascots or let it be if, for example, they decide that a Gaucho is not offensive and its portrayal not demeaning. If they felt [a team name] rose to the level of degradation, I would imagine they would add them to the list. Schools with team names that allude to Native Americans have long struggled to balance school tradition with cultural sensitivity.

Many principals say they have watched colleagues debate the merits of names such as Braves and Redskins, retool cartoonish or fierce logos and sometimes rename their teams altogether.

Those principals felt a small measure of relief that their own team names escaped dispute. But yet, there are hundreds of elementary schools, high schools and colleges that may soon confront the kind of controversy more associated with the Sioux than the Scots.

The worst slur against the Tartars, he observed, is not even a racial one. Though many team names are chosen for obvious reasons--consider the Sultana Sultans or the John F. Kennedy High School Fighting Irish--often, the historical or geographical reasons for team names have become obscured by the passage of time and shifting Southland demographics.

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So they went to the Fighting Scots. The Fighting Scots were tribesmen, they were brave I frankly look at people who object to that, and I think they are missing the point. Names chosen because of the warrior-like images they conjure up--the Moors, after all, invaded Spain in the 8th century--are criticized for the warrior-like images they conjure up. Earlier this year, Sonoma State University replaced its team name, the Cossacks, with the less militaristic Seawolves after students and community leaders complained that the first name honored a Russian ethnic group famed for mercenary work on behalf of the czars.

Michel Shehadeh, West Coast regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, agrees that mascots can reinforce negative stereotypes. Goldberg echoed that concern. Or pick an important leader in the Cherokee or Apache nation. Making [a tribe] a mascot is not an honor. Gray Davis, who has taken no position on the measure.

Opposition to the bill so far has been meager, in part because of the power, or perceived power, of North American tribes and Native American activists backing it. And although turning Saxons into Sharks might be seen as a pragmatic move in some circles, even the most innocuous names can have unexpected implications.

However, seawolf can have a militaristic meaning too, as several letters to a local newspaper suggested. It was the nickname for a Nazi U-Boat commander. Hot Property. About Us. Brand Publishing.The mascot is the Warrior. The school was the setting of the book Pobre Ana by Blaine Ray. West High was established in The school colors are brown and gold.

Additionally, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from West High School Torrance. Public school in Torrance, California, United States. United States. National Center for Education Statistics. Retrieved December 5, Retrieved 27 July Retrieved 2 August Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Prep. El Segundo HS.

California Academy of Mathematics and Science. Mira Costa HS. Redondo Union HS. Mary's Academy Valor Christian Academy. Good Shepherd Lutheran School. Torrance, California. Torrance Police Department. Daily Breeze. Namespaces Article Talk.The plot of the film centers around a team's preparation for and participation in cheerleading competitions. Since its release, the film has become a cult classic. Her boyfriend, Aaron, is at college, and her cheerleading squad, the Toros, is aiming for a sixth consecutive national title.

In her first practise as captain, teammate Carver is injured and forced to sit the rest of the season out. Torrance holds auditions for a replacement and gains Missy Pantone, a skilled gymnast who transferred from Los Angeles with her twin brother, Cliff. While watching the Toros practise, Missy accuses the team of stealing the routine from a rival squad, a plagiarism Torrance was unaware of.

Isis, the Clovers captain notices the girls and confronts them for plagiarism. They learn that Big Red regularly came to their games and videotaped the Clovers routines to be used for the Toros. Meanwhile, Torrance and Cliff begin to get to know each other and a mutual attraction grows between them as Aaron becomes more distant. After Torrance tells the Toros about the routines, the team votes in favour of using the current routine to win; Torrance reluctantly agrees.

At the Toros' next home game, Isis and her teammates perform the Toros' routine in front of the whole school, humiliating them. After advice from Aaron, Torrance recruits the team to raise money through a car wash and hire choreographer Sparky Polastri.

Polastri puts the whole team on a diet and regularly belittles them, but the team learns the routine in time for competition.

Torrance High School

Torrance speaks to a competition official and learns their choreographer has provided the routine for six other teams. As the defending champions, the Toros are granted their place in Nationals in Florida, but Torrance is warned a new routine will be expected. Crushed by her failure to lead the squad successfully, Torrance considers quitting. Aaron recommends that Torrance step down from her position as captain and give it to her team rivals, Courtney and Whitney. When Cliff sees Torrance and Aaron together, he severs his friendship with her.

Torrance breaks up with Aaron and use Cliffs previous encouragement as inspiration for the team to come up with an original routine.

Mascot Bill May Snare Normans, Saxons Too

Instead, the Clovers write to a local talk show host to get the funds needed to go to Florida. At Nationals, both the Toros and the Clovers make it to finals with Cliff making a surprise appearance in the audience to cheer the team on.

torrance high school mascot

Ultimately, the Clovers come out victorious with the Toros coming in at a close second. Despite their loss, the Toros and Clovers leave with a newfound respect for their opposition. As the Toros celebrate another successful season, Cliff and Torrance share a kiss. It was the debut film of director Peyton Reed.

The film pushed the 'sex aspects of cheerleading' without losing a PG rating. Prior to auditioning for the film, actors were expected to have a cheer prepared.

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