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Aramark Yosemite. Aramark is one of the largest employers in several fields such as management facilities, catering, uniforms for various health care institutions, schools, but also other businesses around the world. Aramark hasemployees in over 22 countries. For more details about Aramark click here.

Blue Water Riviera Beach Resort. Blue Water Riviera Beach prides itself on providing the best customer service and a pleasant experience to make them come back. The resort offers accommodation support to employees, as well as discounts for various activities inside Blue Water Riviera Beach such as mini golf, water sports and much more.

Program for Students

Find more details about Blue Water Riviera Beach here. The resort offers 4 bars, 2 meeting rooms, 2 dining tables and several outdoor locations. The largest sport fishing tournaments are organized here, such as the White Marlin Open and the Mid-Atlantic.

Cedar Point Amusement Park has been voted the hottest amusement park on earth by Amusement Today readers for many years! Opened inCedar Point Amusement Park, located on the shore of Lake Erie, in Sandusky, Ohio, hosts more trails and roller coasters than any other amusement park in the world. Besides all the attractions you can try for free during your free time, here you find accommodation at a very low price,discounts for small breakfast, lunch and dinner in the park, uniforms, recreation areas with table tennis tables, billiard tables, games, basketball court, soccer field, sand volleyball.

Aramark Yosemite Aramark is one of the largest employers in several fields such as management facilities, catering, uniforms for various health care institutions, schools, but also other businesses around the world. Meet our consultants Iasmina Stroita Georgiana Vieru. Quick Links Register Contact us Why choose us.Instead of just visiting the U.

The Work Travel program gives you the opportunity to spend up to 4 months working and traveling in the U. While working at a great American company, you'll earn money to cover your expenses, meet new friends, and improve your English skills. After your job is complete, you can spend the last month of the program traveling throughout the U.

The Intrax Work Travel Program makes it easier for you to find a job with companies who hire J-1 international staff. Offering paid positions as ski lift operators, cashiers, kitchen help, housekeeping staff, lifeguards, front desk personnel, retail and more.

Contact an IWT partner for program information and a screening interview. After the interview, the partner will show you complete descriptions of available jobs that meet your needs and qualifications. You select a job and complete your paperwork. Your IWT partner will schedule another interview with you to ensure you meet the particular requirements for your job.

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We collect all documents and fees for submission. We provide you with support and pre-departure orientation before you leave for the U. Do you already have a job in the United States? IWT can help you apply for your J-1 visa through one of our partners in your home country if you already have a job arranged in the U.

Intrax gave me an incredible chance to make my dream come true. It was an amazing summer and I'm so thankful for it. My participation on the program was absolutely safe, I was informed about all the necessary information before I arrived to the USA.

I had so much fun and a lot of unforgettable memories. Thank you so much! Since this is my first staying out of home for longer than 2 weeks, it was incredible!

I met bunch of wonderful people in Alaska and spend some quality time with them. Hiking, riding bikes and witnessing the appearing of Northern Lights over Anchorage was unbelievable!

An everlasting experience for me! Whenever I had questions or doubts, I got a very fast answer from Intrax representatives. Everything went really great. I would highly recommend this sponsor company to students who are planning to take a part in summer work and travel program. My initial intentions were to come to America for the first time and make money to go back home. Little did I know life had an unexpected turn for me.

work and travel usa job offers 2020

I have created memories that will last a lifetime. My Work and Travel experience has been unforgettable. I met so many new people, from so many different places, and I lived with them for almost three months We started as strangers and by the end of the program we had become such good friends.

Seasonal work in the U. Ongoing support and hour emergency line.If you are looking for seasonal work, we are ready to help you along the entire way. We help hundreds of students find their perfect jobs in spring, summer and winter as well. Whether you are an individual student or an agency, we are prepared to provide you with competent assistance. For us to help you get a job offer from the States, you need to answer the questions below.

Please choose the questions depending on whether you are an individual J1 student, or an agency representing a group of Work and Travel USA applicants. If your replies to all the questions above relevant section only were affirmative, this information will be useful to you:. If you belong to neither of these two groups of job seekers, we regretfully inform that we cannot provide any services to you. Please note: we DO NOT provide job offer assistance to Green Card lottery winners, holders of h2b and f1 visas, and to internship program participants.

Thanks for your attention. Advertise your seasonal jobs now. Home U. You have entered the self-arranged section of the program. You know the name of the organization which sponsors your visa. You need a job and a job offer from a US employer. You are ready to pay to get the job offer issued to you. You are already collaborating with one or several J1 visa sponsors which provide your students with DS forms and insurance.

For your students, you need jobs and job offers from American businesses. You are prepared to pay for the services which give job offers to your program applicants. For J1 Students Check the list of open job positions here. Check the list of documents and application procedure here. Check www.

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For WaT Agencies Check the list of open job positions here. Check the conditions and the contract here. Read here to find out about application procedure and status tracking. Already registered? Log in! Hi Olga, Yes, Marina arrived and is doing a very good job. All rights reserved. Contact us Site map FAQ.Working a J1 in America is an unforgettable adventure.

We offer the best J1 summer jobs package, which puts you in total control. We offer you the ease of working where you want. Choose your ideal American J1 location. You can find your dream summer location. Jobs are available in any US State, for the summer ofand onwards. American Work Visa Included. Your Job in America Vetted. Explore More. What's Included? Apply Now. J1 Summer Jobs. There are lots of amazing J1 summer jobs in America to can choose from.

From jobs in the hospitality industry to lifeguarding or retail… where will your adventure take you?

work and travel usa job offers 2020

J1 Costs. Find out what it costs to take part in a J1 Summer. Our pricing package makes it really easy for anyone to spend their summer working in America. Your adventure begins now!

J1 Application Process. We make it really straight-forward to land your dream J1 summer job in America. The application process is easy and stress-free.

We've made sure you're in control of your ideal J1 summer job! Choose to work in New York, Chicago, San Diego, New Orleans or anywhere else that takes your fancy because you're in control of your dream summer job is waiting for you!

Earn as Much as you can. Potential for tips! Live the American dream. Long Live Adventure. Find out About J1 Jobs. Remember me Forgot password?

work and travel usa job offers 2020

Don't have an account? Apply now. Apply Info.In some cases, CIEE recruiters do the interviewing and hiring for the employers. You can work at hotels, restaurants, amusement and theme parks, ski resorts, national parks, or retail stores. All of the employers we work with provide reliable jobs with competitive salaries, and many even offer affordable housing. Most jobs are available from May through September, during the U.

These jobs are often in attractive destinations popular with tourists. You will spend up to four months at your job, so it is important to choose one that matches your personality and skills. Your CIEE international representative can tell you what jobs are available during the time you wish to visit.

To get the job you want, do all you can to make yourself appealing to employers. Create a resume that highlights your skills and experience, such as cooking, swimming, or helping at a family business. Include anything that shows you can handle responsibility, such as child care, tutoring, or volunteering.

Even if you do not have past job experience, you should share what you can do. Customer service is a big part of most jobs, so employers want to know that you are comfortable working with people and are at ease speaking English. Every year, CIEE helps thousands of students like you find jobs by connecting them directly with prospective employers.

Your agent can help you determine which option is right for you. Most of these jobs are at large, well-known businesses.

Many of these jobs are at smaller employers. Some students from select countries are permitted to find their own jobs. Your CIEE international representative can tell you if this applies to you. CIEE must approve any job before you get hired. We want to make sure you are protected and have a positive work experience! To get a job you find on your own approved by CIEE, you must ask your host employer to provide job details such as contact information and physical address, wage per hour, job start and end dates and housing cost.

You will add this information to your application in Beacon and submit to your international representative. In person or via webcam, interviewing is a big part of getting a job. This is your chance to make a good impression.Under this program, international students can legally enter the US for 4 months during their vacations and work for US employers.

This program is beneficial both for US-based businesses who use seasonal staffing to cover their rising work force needs during the busy month, and for students who get a perspective on American culture, travel, and earn money.

Thousands of overseas students have been enrolled in this program since it was started. Though it's our job at Jobofer. It is meant only for full time university students aged betweenwith intermediate or better English. Typically the exchange program lasts for 4 months starting from May, during the official vacations students have in their home country.

International exchange students can work for 4 months, and then they have the day 'grace period' for leaving the States.

They are not allowed to work during this period.

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The exact program dates are indicated in the document known as DSwhich your seasonal employee is required to keep at all times.

Those who wish to participate submit their applications to one of the exchange organizations accredited by the US government, known as program sponsors.

Sponsors check that the candidates meet the eligibility criteria, conduct interviews to choose positions best suitable for a participant's background and experience, and test English proficiency. Also, orientation session is provided to candidates, giving all the details about their future employment, housing, costs, American way of living, and so on.

Sponsors also make sure all the papers including the DS form and medical insurance are in proper order. Sponsor organizations are obliged to monitor their participants to make sure their activities correspond with the purposes of the program. All visiting students are required to have medical insurance. Additionally, all foreign nationals coming to the US through similar programs are monitored with a system known as SEVISor Student and Exchange Visitor Information Systemwhich tracks relevant information such as arrival and departure dates, address changes, important notifications and so on.

As you see, the requirements and the monitoring features of the Work and Travel program, along with years of our experience in seasonal staffing, ensure that no problems can arise for you as the employer.

You are welcome to submit your question to us once you have anything to find out about the Work and Travel program. Additionally, you may want to read about the J1 Visa issued to overseas students under this program. For this, visit the section of our site located here.

Advertise your seasonal jobs now. Home U. What are the program requirements? What is the program duration? What exactly happens when students apply for the program?

3 способа работать в Америке - Work and Travel USA, Работа в США

Is it safe to hire international exchange students? Already registered? Log in! Ruslan, Yes all three students have arrived to us safely! Thanks so much!! All rights reserved. Contact us Site map FAQ.The program has been approved and supported by the American government and it enables students to work in the USA during the summer break within a period of 4 months and after that, if they want, to use the fifth month for traveling.

The aim of the program is to gain great experience, improve English language, meet the culture, customs and lifestyle, as well as, to get new friends.


Summer Work and Travel Program is a complex program. Therefore, it is important that you have safety and all the program segments organized. Safe job — interviews with the employers 2. Transport to the location of the employer or accommodation 4. Continuous support during your stay in the USA. Apply without a risk! Apply by the end of January and get a discount. The program price includes health insurance for the fifth month. Payment is possible in five installments, the last one you pay after getting the visa.

What is Work and Travel program? What do we offer? Continuous support during your stay in the USA See the necessary documentation. More than locations jobs 34 states in USA.

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